Send a message of love

Families and friends can send a written message to a patient by using the online form below. All responses will be printed and shared each week day (Monday – Friday only).

Using this form, you can send a relative or friend a letter of support and love – a few words to let them know you’re thinking of them, and to send your well wishes. We have space to include a maximum of two photographs as well – a happy smile from grandchildren, a favourite pet or just a selfie with a smile – they can all lift spirits and help them to feel connected.

You’ll need to make sure you tell us who the patient is (full name), their date of birth (if you know it) and the ward they’re on. It’s a secure email form and your letter will be treated in confidence by the small number of staff who run this service.

Click here for the online form.

Virtual visiting

If the patient has their own device, they are free to connect virtually with friends and family. Staff can assist patients to do this if needed.

Our wards have mobile devices to support patients who do not have their own device and staff can help make this connection. Families and friends can request assistance to arrange a virtual visit by using the online form below. Virtual visits can be arranged Monday to Friday for patients. Please note, some wards may be able to arrange weekend visits such as our COVID Wards.

Click here for the online form.

Speaking to someone about your relative’s care

If the patient has their own device, they are free to communicate with you and keep you updated. They might want to include you in discussions with the medical team or other health professionals and we can help make that happen.

If you want to speak to our staff you can call the appropriate centre and ask to speak to their ward. Please be aware that it can be challenging for staff to reach the phone. The treating team will try to contact the patient’s key contact person when necessary and to provide an update if there are any changes in the patient’s condition. It is really important to have one key contact that can then keep others informed. If you are that contact, please keep your phone nearby so you don’t miss a call.

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