Through living our values at Northern Health we provide our people with a workplace that is safe, promotes and nurtures the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of all employees.

We have a Wellbeing ‘Thrive’ program specifically available to staff that includes TREAT rest and recovery sessions, access to seated massages, mindfulness sessions, Yoga, Financial wellbeing sessions and access to education in wellbeing and self-care. This program continues to evolve, and we welcome staff’s input into focus areas.

“There were multiple times over 2020 in particular, where we were all being stretched to new limits. I think at those times, initiatives on offer – like the TREAT sessions – became a necessity to participate in, rather than just a nice added extra.”

Every month there are also activities, adventures and learning’s to be found in our local communities. These range from attending our local park run, taking part in a bike ride to raise money for a worthy charity, or placing our focus on being mindful in May. Whatever the month, wherever you live, there are things you can take part in!


Quarterly Staff Recognition Awards
The opportunity to recognize your peers and teams who consistently show our values through our staff quarterly awards.

Years of Service Awards
Our years of service awards are about so much more than just tenure. We recognize and appreciate employees for their talent, their value, their accomplishments and success over the course of their career at Northern Health.

Recognition of Prior Service
At Northern Health we recognise continuous service within Victoria Public Hospitals, in accordance with relevant agreements.


Salary Packaging is one of the many benefits offered to employees of Northern Health. It works by restructuring your gross income to increase your take-home pay. By salary packaging, most employees can increase their take-home pay. Win-win. You also have novated lease options to upgrade or get a brand new car.


Our NH Staff Incentive Scheme provides a plethora of retailer discounts to staff. This includes dine-in food and beverage, fashion and footwear, hair and beauty, optometrists and eyewear, and even some Costco coupons!


Northern Health Employee Assist Program (EAP) provides confidential short-term and solutions focused counselling, which aims to support and empower our employees and members of their families through a variety of best practice counselling approaches and frameworks to help resolve personal and work-based issues.


Are you looking for a balance between your work and personal life? We recognize that a healthy work-life balance can produce happier and harmonious environments and employees, and are adopting ways to help you achieve this.

Ways in which we promote work-life balance:

Study Leave Professional Development Leave
Blood Donors Leave Examination Leave
Cultural and
Ceremonial Leave
Leave to engage in
Emergency Services Activities


Northern Health staff who support Workplace Giving are collaboratively making a difference to the Northern Community. The funds contribute to the purchase of medical equipment, fund medical research and improve our patient care experience.

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