Northern Health aims to provide the best possible care. We need your help to keep improving our care and provide a positive patient experience.

We would like to hear about your experience so we can understand what we did well or what we could have done better.

Your feedback could be a compliment, a complaint or a suggestion.

Northern Health cares for the wellbeing of our staff and patients. Please be respectful towards our staff. Abusive behaviour, violence or threats of violence over the phone or in person are unacceptable.

If our staff feel they are being treated in an aggressive manner they have the authority to end the telephone call or to report to security services and, if necessary, the police.

Talk to us in person

We would like to know if you are unhappy with your care so please don’t wait until after you leave to raise your concerns. Let us know how we can improve your experience.

It is best to talk with us as soon as possible.

  • Start by speaking to the staff member or clinician looking after you or ask to speak to the Manager or Nurse in Charge
  • There is the option to request discussing your concerns with the Manager or the Medical Consultant in charge of your care
  • If you have tried speaking to our staff and not been able to resolve your concerns then you can contact the Patient Experience Office

In writing

Feedback can be directed to the Patient Experience Office using the following options:

You can provide your feedback in your language in the online form below:

By phone

If you would like to speak with a Patient Experience Coordinator about your experience, or a family members experience:

Patient Experience Office: (03) 8405 2457

There may be a staff member you want to thank for the care they provided or perhaps your feel there is something that upset you.