Referrals to Specialist Clinics

Acutely unwell patients should be directed to the nearest Emergency Department.

Northern Health Specialist Clinics do not accept GP referrals by fax or email.

GP Referrals: use HealthLink SmartForms to send referrals to Northern Health, including investigation results and reports.

Other health services (hospitals, allied health, specialists etc): Fax referral to 8405 8616

Click here for specific service referral information

HealthLinks SmartForms

Northern Health Specialist Clinics has now switched to HealthLink SmartForms for receiving referrals from GPs.
HealthLink is a secure, safe electronic channel for delivery of identifiable clinical information between healthcare providers.  MyHealthlink Portal

To access a guide, please view the following links:

Medical Director   Quick Start Guide – Medical Director
Video:  click here to view

Best Practice Quick Start Guide – Best Practice
Video:  click here to view

Genie  Quick Start Guide – Genie
Video:  click here to view

MedTech Evolution – send via MyHealthlink Portal
Video: MyHealthlink Portal

Zedmed – send via MyHealthlink Portal
Video: MyHealthlink Portal

How to Attach iMed Radiology Reports to HealthLink eReferral Smart Forms – click here for details

Investigations Header: How to Include Patient Identifier on Attached eReferral Investigation – click here for details

For assistance please call:
Northern Health Specialist Clinics
8405 8335

Statewide Referral Criteria

The Department of Health and Human Services has developed statewide referral criteria to assist GPs and clinicians referring patients to Specialist Clinics. These referral criteria have been developed to improve access to Specialist Clinics in public hospitals by improving the quality and appropriateness of referrals.
For more information on the minimum requirements for referral to each specialty for specific conditions, please visit

HealthLink SmartForms are being developed for each Specialist Clinic to help GPs meet the requirements of the Statewide Referral Criteria.
If a referral does not contain the minimum required content it will be declined with written notification to the referring health professional and patient.

HealthPathways Melbourne

HealthPathways Melbourne provides referring GPs with a comprehensive suite of clinical pathways, including guidance on when to refer and what information is required to accompany a referral.  

PHN Support

GPs are advised to contact the Digital Health support team from their PHN.

North Western Melbourne PHN: 9347 1188

Eastern Melbourne PHN: 9046 0300