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Northern Health is proud to present Visiting Hours, a podcast where listeners are invited beyond the frontline to learn about the inspiring lives, outstanding work and personal triumphs of our Northern Health family. Tune in, lean in, and be part of the touching narratives that remind us of the unwavering dedication and compassion of these wonderful humans that call Northern Health home.

New episodes are released fortnightly and are also available here –   Google Podcasts

Latest Episodes

Visiting Hours Series 2 Episode 1 – Wendy Nicol

In this episode, we visit with Wendy Nicol, Northern Health’s Operation Manager of Support Services. Wendy discusses her vision for the department, shares openly about her battle with the BRCA2 gene, but draws the line at singing Disney songs… in public.

Visiting Hours Episode 11 – Chief Exec. Siva Sivarajah

In this episode we visit with Siva Sivarajah, Northern Health’s Chief Executive. Siva shares the plans for Northern Health’s expansion over the next few years, to better serve our community.  He chats about studying in London, his love of cricket, and how a magnifying glass might just help keep you from going hungry.

Visiting Hours Episode 10 – Adj. Prof. Anthony Gust

In this episode we visit with Adjunct Professor Anthony Gust, Northern Health’s Executive Director of Digital Health. Anthony shares his insights on the virtual space, his fascination with historical adventure, and how three circles and some thought can lead you to your dream job.

Visiting Hours Episode 09 – Danielle Cook

In this episode we visit with Danielle Cook, Northern Health’s Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Danielle shares the importance of compassion in clinical excellence, her love of baking and how the toss of a coin led her on a path she never imagined.


Visiting Hours Episode 08 – Leanne Murphy

In this episode we visit with Leanne Murphy, a Northern Health Consumer Representative.  Leanne shares her insights on self-advocacy, the lessons learnt on a pilgrimage through Spain and the meaning of life.

BONUS Extended Hours episode – Leanne Murphy

In this bonus ‘Extended Hours’ episode Leanne talks in-depth about her birthing trauma, her healing journey, and some warning signs to be aware of. The Extended Hours episode does contain some sensitive content, but understanding Leanne’s experience adds so much depth to her triumphant story.

Visiting Hours Episode 07 – Jason Amos

In this episode we visit with Jason Amos, Northern Health’s Manager of Emergency Management.  Jason shares his experiences as a firefighter, his family’s routine as they deal with a rare form of epilepsy, and how a sweet mobile phone plan prompted a relationship status update.

Visiting Hours Episode 06 – Doctor Vinita Rane

In this episode we visit with the head of Northern Health’s Medical Unit 5, Doctor Vinita Rane. She shares her experiences on the collaborative care for patients, the importance of selfcare for clinical staff, and how enabling people to share their stories is such a powerful tool for healing.

Visiting Hours Episode 05 – Cheryl Murray

In this episode we visit with Breast Care Nurse Consultant Cheryl Murray. Cheryl shares her insights on helping patients navigate life-changing diagnoses, her advice to new nurses just starting out, and reveals the playlist that pumps her up to take her opponents down.

Visiting Hours Episode 04 – Tracey Webster OAM

In this episode we visit with Tracey Webster OAM, Director of Clinical Leadership, Effectiveness & Outcomes (CLEO).  Tracey talks about the success of Northern Health’s Digital Pathways program, service to the community and how Crocodile Dundee changed her life forever.

Visiting Hours Episode 03 – Professor Don Campbell

In this episode we visit Professor Don Campbell, Northern Health’s Divisional Director of Hospital Without Walls. Don talks about health service innovation, research trials and how an ironing board, a football match and a players reaction has led to some amazing encounters in Alice Springs.

If you are interested in being part of the Intranasal Heparin Trial (INHERIT) mentioned in this episode, and would like to know more please click here.

Visiting Hours Episode 02 – Assoc. Prof. Joe Rotella

In this episode we visit with Associate Professor Joe Rotella, an emergency department physician and clinical toxicologist heading up Northern Health’s SPECTRE Unit. We chat about his motivation to help people, his passion for sharing information and why teleportation would be his ‘go to‘ superpower.

Visiting Hours Episode 01 – Karen Bryant

Today we’ll be visiting with Northern Health’s Senior Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Karen Bryant. We chat about visits to Country, the importance of family and her divisive choice in pizza topping that’s outraged some of her friends.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which this podcast is recorded, the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nations.  We pay respects to their Elders past, present and future. Embracing their rich tradition of conveying information and ideas through stories and song, by sharing our stories with you.


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