As a patient in a Victorian public hospital, you can expect to receive high quality services. The Australian Health Care Charter of Rights describes what consumers, or someone they care for, can expect when receiving health care.
These rights apply to all people in all places where health care is provided in Australia. This includes public and private hospitals, day procedure services, general practice and other community health services.
The Charter of Rights reflects an increased focus on person-centred care and empowers consumers to take an active role in their healthcare.

Northern Health endorses and supports these Health Care rights. Here is a link to the Rights , which are described below.

I have a right to :

  • Access

Healthcare services and treatment that meets my needs

  • Safety

Receive safe and high quality health care that meets national standards

Be cared for in an environment that is safe and makes me feel safe

  • Respect

Be treated as an individual, and with dignity and respect

Have my culture, identity, beliefs and choices recognised and respected

  • Partnership

Ask questions and be involved in open and honest communication

Make decisions with my healthcare provider, to the extent that I choose and am able to include the people that I want in planning and decision-making

  • Information

Clear information about my condition, the possible benefits and risks of different tests and treatments, so I can give my informed consent

Receive information about services, waiting times and costs

Be given assistance, when I need it, to help me to understand and use health information

Access my health information

Be told if something has gone wrong during my health care, how it happened, how it may affect me and what is being done to make care safe

  • Privacy

Have my personal privacy respected

Have information about me and my health kept secure and confidential

  • Give feedback

Provide feedback or make a complaint without it affecting the way that I am treated

Have my concerns addressed in a transparent and timely way

Share my experience and participate to improve the quality of care and health services.

The Healthcare Rights are available in 19 different languages here .

There is a range of supportive resources, including Easy English, and Auslan videos and large print. These can be found here.

Your responsibilities – taking an active role in your healthcare 

You have a responsibility to:

  • Actively participate, to the extent you can, in your treatment; for example, by following your agreed treatment plan, asking questions about your care and raising any concerns you might have
  • Provide as much information as you can about your medical history and current condition, to assist the staff caring for you; including any changes to your health condition
  • Attend appointments made for your ongoing care or advise staff in advance if you are unable to attend
  • Let staff know if you do not understand anything, need more information or feel unable, at any time and for whatever reason, to assist staff with your care;
  • Treat staff and other patients with consideration and respect
  • Ask your visitors to do the same
  • Understand that, while we want to meet your needs promptly, the health service is also trying to meet the individual needs of many other patients at any one time.  We must attend to people with the highest needs first
  • Ensure that, in exercising your rights, you do not restrict or interfere with the rights of others
  • Ensure that your actions do not threaten or harm other patients, staff or visitors .

Further information
To learn more about Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights: