Clothing and toiletries: If you are staying overnight bring along some comfortable clothes/sleepwear and your toiletries. Shoes/slippers should be comfortable, closed at the toe and with firm gripping sole.
Luggage: For safety and storage reasons, we ask that you only bring essential items into hospital with you. Please limit your items to a small bag about the size of a school bag or to a maximum of 10kg.
Valuables: Please do not bring valuables or large amounts of money to the hospital. The hospital cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage to your money or property.
Medications: Please bring a list of all medicines you take and any recent changes that have been made. This includes all prescription medicines and those purchased in a pharmacy, supermarket or health food shop.
These medicines will be reviewed by your treatment team and then given to hospital staff for safe keeping during your hospital stay.
Do not take any medicine from your own supply or from visitors while in hospital as this will interfere with your treatment. Please advise us of any unexpected or allergic type reactions you have had to any medicine in the past.