Key Contacts

Northern Health has improved the manner in which GP’s can contact Northern Health. The GP Access line provides GPs with a single contact point for enquiries related to Primary Care Liaison (GP Liaison), Specialist Clinics, Community Services and direct connection to the ED Clinician Hotline.

When calling GP Access on 8405 8815, you will be presented with the following options:

  1. For Specialist Clinics Enquiries – This option links you to staff who can assist with referral information, patient appointments and all general enquiries
  2. For Community Services – This option covers enquiries and referrals related to the Allied Health, Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP) and Health Independence Programs
  3. For the ED Clinical Hotline – this option forwards your call directly to the ED triage physician
  4. For urgent enquiries for Specialist Clinics – this options links you with staff that can assist with urgent referrals to Specialist Clinics
  5. For Primary Care Liaison – this option links you to staff who can assist with GP education information and the Primary Care Liaison Office

Please choose one of the above options to ensure that calls are directed to the service areas who are best placed to quickly and effectively manage your enquiry.

Should there be a delay in answering your call, you can opt for a call back or leave a voice message.

Haematology GP Hotline

We are pleased to announce that a GP hotline will now feature as a regular service to Haematology.  The aim of the hotline is to offer instant haematology advice and support to general practitioners, and to direct access to our hospital’s services accordingly if necessary.

  • Haematology GP Advice Hotline: 8405 2596
    Available 9.30 am – 3.30 pm Monday – Friday through our laboratory Haematology team at Northern Pathology Victoria
  • For urgent queries outside of these hours, please contact the Clinical Haematology Registrar via Northern Health switchboard on 8405 8000