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PCL Newsletter August 2022

PCL Newsletter June 2022

Northern Health Post Covid-19 Clinics (Posted: May 2022)

Northern Health now provide Post Covid-19 clinic and rehabilitation services.

Information for patients and families: Symptoms you may experience after COVID

Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation Patient and Referrer Information Sheet

Urgent Notice:  ENT referrals to Northern Health (Updated: May 2022)

We regret to inform you that our ENT service at Northern Health has temporarily been reduced due a shortage of ENT surgeons. For this reason, Northern Health cannot currently accept Adult ENT referrals and our Children ENT services will be severely limited.

For the time being any new referrals should be sent to other public health services, who are aware of the current situation. Existing referrals, will be advised of the current situation and we will endeavour to triage the most urgent cases and facilitate referral to another health service.

We acknowledge the difficulty this has placed on the local community and on our General Practice colleagues.

We are actively seeking to recruit new ENT surgeons and will keep you informed of our progress. |

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused to you and your patients.

If you have any specific concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mr. Dennis Gyomber FRACS, Divisional Director (Med) – Surgery
Ms Linda Romano, Divisional Director (Nursing) – Surgery