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GP Education

Northern Health is committed to improving health outcomes to the community in the North.  We aim to assist GP’s to maintain and improve the quality of care of patients by providing Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) endorsed education activities

2 June 2021: Covid-19 Vaccine Update

An online interactive education session for GPs

We are pleased to invite you to an onIine session addressing the latest information about COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and side effects, including the recognition and management of vaccine associated clotting (VIPIT or TIS).

Associate Professor Craig Aboltins and Associate Professor Prhlad Ho, will discuss how to address vaccine hesitancy, including in patients with prior thrombosis, practical information on how people can access COVID-19 vaccines, how to report Adverse Events (AE), and how to seek specialist advice for difficult vaccination-related questions.

Please forward any questions that you would like addressed at the session to or use the “chat” option on the day.

This event will be held via Microsoft Teams.

Register by 31 May here:

Microsoft Teams link will be forwarded to you on registration.

Northern Health Post Covid-19 Clinics

Northern Health now provide Post Covid-19 clinic and rehabilitation services.

Information for patients and families: Symptoms you may experience after COVID

Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation Patient and Referrer Information Sheet

Northern Health now offers Virtual ED Triage for GPs and Patients

Northern Health now offers Virtual Emergency Department (ED) Triage for patients living in our catchment area and for local GPs. This Australian-first service is available every day, including weekends 1 pm – 9.30 pm.

For more information go the Northern Health Emergency Department Service Page

GP How To Guide Virtual ED Triage

Referring to Northern Health Specialist Clinics

Northern Health now accepts electronic referrals from General Practice utilising your clinics software system. The HealthLink eReferral Solution allows GP’s to pre-populate eReferrals from the clinic software and deliver electronically to Northern Health.  For more information

Contact:  eReferral Project Officer:   Chris Daniel: 8405 2921 or by email

All paper based referrals to Northern Health should be sent via fax: 8405-8616

Northern Health Telehealth Survey

Northern Health has commenced using Telehealth for its outpatient’s service as a response to COVID 19. As part of the Northern Health Telehealth strategy, GP telehealth readiness is seen as a key item not just for Telehealth but for the technology and digital transformation that Northern Health is working towards achieving.  As the new Chief Medical Officer (CMO) I am really keen to work collaboratively with our GPs and the Primary Health Networks to provide seamless and safe care for patients wherever they are in their health journey and to support the use of technology where possible. 

We invite GPs who refer to Northern Health to complete this survey by the 26th October as it is really important for Northern Health to understand the most effective way to support and work with you, the GPs of the northern community, during our digital transformation. Dr Wanda Stelmach, Chief Medical Officer Northern Health  Click here to complete survey

Haematology GP Hotline

We are pleased to announce that a GP hotline will now feature as a regular service to Haematology.  The aim of the hotline is to offer instant haematology advice and support to general practitioners, and to direct access to our hospital’s services accordingly if necessary.

  • Haematology GP Advice Hotline: 8405 2596
    Available 9.30am – 3.30pm Monday – Friday through our laboratory haematology team at Northern Pathology Victoria
  • For urgent queries outside of these hours, please contact the Clinical Haematology Registrar via Northern Health switchboard on 8405 8000

Release of Patient Information

For any organisation including hospitals and general practitioners, requiring patient information from Northern Health we require the following:

  • For Patient appointed GP: (must be registered with Northern Health on patient record or a referral in place), please contact Release of Information on 8405 8180 or email for requested records.
  • For all others requests: must be in writing on the requesting organisations letterhead with attached signed patient consent. Requests are to be in writing to uphold patient’s privacy and to ensure the appropriate information is being released.

Written requests are to be sent to: Health Information Services Unit           Fax: 03 8405 8007

For further information please contact the Release of Information Team     Tel:  03 8405 8180


Northern Health and My Health Record
Northern Health is now uploading to My Health Record:

  • Discharge summaries from Northern Health’s CPF system,
  • Basic routine pathology results from the Laboratory Information System
  • Plans are underway to upload radiology results later in 2020

Clinicians can also now view patient records in the My Health Record system via a webviewer

How are healthcare providers using it?

91% of GPs are now registered
73% are using My Health Record

91% of Pharmacies are now registered
69% are using My Health Record

Benefits for clinicians

My Health Record doesn’t replace existing medical records held in the healthcare provider’s clinical information system, but having immediate access to patients’ My Health Records can support and improve clinical decision-making and continuity of care by providing access to information that might not have otherwise been available. This includes better coordination and management of patients with chronic conditions or complex care needs.

It provides timely access to information when it is needed at the point of care, including in a medical emergency. This can save valuable time and enable healthcare providers to focus on treating the patient as opposed to chasing information

General Practice Enquiries

Northern Health has improved the manner in which GP’s can contact Northern Health. The GP Access line provides GP’s with a single contact point for enquiries related to Primary Care Liaison (GP Liaison), Specialist Clinics, Community Services and direct connection to the ED Clinician Hotline.

When calling GP Access on 8405 8815, you will be presented with the following options:

  1. For Specialist Clinics Enquiries – This option links you to staff who can assist with referral information, patient appointments and all general enquiries
  2. For Community Services – This option covers enquiries and referrals related to the Allied Health, Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP) and Health Independence Programs
  3. For the ED Clinical Hotline – this option forwards your call directly to the ED triage physician
  4. For urgent enquiries for Specialist Clinics – this options links you with staff that can assist with urgent referrals to Specialist Clinics
  5. For Primary Care Liaison – this option links you to staff who can assist with GP education information and the Primary Care Liaison Office or direct 9495 3140

Please choose one of the above options to ensure that calls are directed to the service areas who are best placed to quickly and effectively manage your enquiry.

Should there be a delay in answering your call, you can opt for a call back or leave a voice message.

Specialized Cardiac Services at the Northern Hospital: Adult Congenital Heart Disease, and Heart Disease in Pregnancy

Northern Health Cardiology Service provides specialist Adult Congenital Heart Disease, and Heart disease in Pregnancy clinics at The Northern Hospital. The lead specialist, Dr Sylvia Chen, is an Adult Congenital Heart Disease Cardiologist and together with a team comprising Obstetrics, Anaesthetics and Maternal Obstetrics, care for women with cardiac disease who are pregnant. 

For further information regarding patients who need care for either adult congenital heart disease, or who are pregnant and have a cardiac condition Click here