Northern Health (NH) recognizes the importance of providing tailored opportunities for our current and future workforce to access continuing education and training. These learning experiences begin when students join us on clinical placement and continue as staff progress their careers at NH.

In recognition of the importance of investing in our learners Northern Health has created a collaborative Education and Training Division that oversees our education and training programs across allied health, medicine and nursing.

This division produced the Northern Health Education and Training Strategic Plan 2023 – 2027 which outlines our goals and priorities in providing innovative training and development opportunities and robust support structures to our learners.

The Education and Training Division Northern Health employs a dedicated Allied Health Education Team that aims to provide high quality education and training opportunities across our clinical school (student) and workforce programs. Our AH education leaders are all active members of the Victorian Allied Health Clinical Educators Network (ACHEN) and contribute to statewide AH education advocacy, leadership and interprofessional training initiatives.

We offer a range of support and development opportunities to help you grow your career at NH including:

  • Excellent clinical placement learning experiences aimed at preparing our students to become work-ready graduates and our future workforce;
  • A structured graduate program aimed at supporting those new to our allied health workforce through networking and tailored learning opportunities;
  • A robust supervision framework that ensures all our staff receive ongoing support with their well-being and professional development – all AH staff receive structured supervision with an experienced clinician at least once a month and access informal supervision daily;
  • A busy internal education calendar informed by an annual staff training needs analysis to ensure we are providing tailored education to meet our evolving workforce’s needs;
  • A variety of interprofessional learning opportunities as we recognize it is important to train together if we want to provide high-quality collaborative care to our patients, and;
  • A focus on illuminating different career pathways for AH professionals as they progress through the different stages of their development including advanced scope clinical roles, management, strategy, research, and education.

If you are interested in learning more about the programs and support offered to Allied Health professionals at Northern Health further details can be found under each of the sub-headings to the left of your screen.

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