At Northern Health, we have a strong commitment to growing excellent clinicians. Our reputation as a trusted healthcare provider rests in the hands of our staff. We support your commitment to your career.

We strive to be an employer of choice through supporting you to develop your clinical skills and by growing the health leaders of the future. We have a dedicated Allied Health Education and Research team to enable you to develop your skills and further your professional practice.  It’s important that our allied health workforce feels valued and supported to develop as clinical experts and health leaders.

We offer in-house education in advanced interdisciplinary clinical skills, providing supervision, transition to leadership and management, understanding the health system, as well as discipline specific professional development.

For new graduates, we offer a structured Allied Health Graduate Program. This program, comprising sessions run over a year, complements the discipline specific orientation, induction and supervision available to new graduate staff. This interprofessional program aims to support the transition from student to health care professional for allied health staff in their first year of professional work.

Some of our education sessions scheduled for 2018 include:
• Effective staff supervision
• Effective student supervision
• Advanced supervision – difficult conversations
• Teaching clinical reasoning
• Responding to suicide and self harm ideation
• Clinical practice in stressful environments
• Understanding the wider health context
• Introduction – understanding NDIS
• Evidence based practice
• Completing quality projects

We have more in development in response to requests from staff.

Allied Health New Graduate Program
The Allied Health Graduate Program was introduced at Northern Health in 2004.  The program is designed to assist allied health practitioners make the transition from student to professional.  Participants are newly graduated allied health professionals – in their first health professional job since graduation.  The program uses an interdisciplinary approach to learning and working.  All sessions run from 2:30pm – 4:30pm unless otherwise stated and will rotate around Northern Health sites.  Sessions include a combination of structured learning activities, reflective exercises and opportunities for debriefing and discussion.  There are also follow-up tasks to complete between sessions.

There program runs twice a year and graduates will be allocated to Group One OR Group Two.

Program Objectives:
The graduate program supplements and complements routine induction, professional development and supervision activities for new graduate allied health staff.  The objectives of the program are to:
• Support the transition from being a student, to being a competent, confident health professional
• Provide an opportunity to link with colleagues and learn more about allied health/ teams
• Support new graduates to join the allied health workforce
• Develop a greater understanding of interdisciplinary practice
• Develop an interdisciplinary, cross campus support group
• Provide professional development – to assist graduates to become critically reflective, confident practitioners
• Develop a commitment to research, EBP and life long learning
• Promote personal development
• Foster a learning, collaborative Northern Health culture

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