2024 Work Experience Opportunities

As the key provider of public health care in Melbourne’s Northern Region, we offer a comprehensive Work Experience Program for high school students. Our tailored approach aims to provides a meaningful program of activity over a standard working week.  Based on availability, students can nominate their preferred placements and location using the process below:

Please note: Students will need approval from their school prior to applying for dates of placement.


We are offering placements at the Northern Hospital Epping Campus and Kilmore District Hospital only.

Placements available at Epping Campus-


Epping Campus Work-Experience-Application-Form-2024

Placements available at Kilmore Campus-

Epping Campus Work Experience Application Form – NH-KDH

Work Experience Arrangement Form work-experience-arrangement-form

Work Experience: Policy – Schools Vic https://www2.education.vic.gov.au/pal/work-experience/policy

For more information email Sanjali.Das@nh.org.au