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Emergency GP Hotline

Tel:  8405 2610


My Aged Care Referrals

My Aged Care is the first point of contact to find out about services that can support clients if they are 65 years and over, or 50 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

How do I make a referral?

From 1st October, 2017, referrals to access Northern Health aged care services will need to go through My Aged Care.  Call My Aged Care or complete the My Aged Care web form and specify that you want Northern Health as your preferred provider.  They will then arrange an assessment for the client.

What services are affected by My Aged Care?

Call My Aged Care to refer to the following services:

  • Commonwealth Home Support Program
  • Northern Health Home Care Packages


GP Expression of Interest - Antenatal Clinics

Northern Health is seeking expressions of interest for experienced GPs to provide low and medium risk antenatal clinics at Northern Health.  Remuneration would be under a private practice model with a facility fee and open to negotiation.    Please forward your expression on interest to Dr Howat on:  paul.howat | at |

Northern Health Ceases Vitamin D Clinics

As of July 2017, Northern Health will no longer offer a Vitamin D clinic.
Vitamin D Deficiency can be well managed in primary care using the statewide guidelines available via the Royal Children Hospital Website. Patients not responding to treatment or raising clinical concerns can be referred to the Paediatric Medical Clinics at Northern Health.  Link

Patient Advocacy Information

Northern Health is able to offer advice and support to clients whom may require the health service member to advocate on their behalf with the health service and in some cases external agencies.  Download information sheet here

GP Opportunities - Northern Health Plastic Surgery Service

Northern Health (NH) is seeking to identify GP practices which are able to undertake minor procedures. The plastic surgery service at Northern Health is currently rebuilding and is unable to offer timely services. Therefore, during this transition period, NH would like to assist GPs to obtain timely minor excisions and incisions, punch biopsies and removal of skin lesions for their patients from GP practices which provide these services. NH plans to share this practice information when referrals are received by the Outpatient Department.

To notify NH of your practice’s capabilities or for further information please email Gillian.Dickman | at |  

Referring to Northern Health Outpatient Clinics

ACETS processes referrals to Ambulatory Care services
F: 9495 3510                                               T:  Call Room: 9495 3443 / 9495 3109
T:  Access Coordinator: 9495 3469             Free Call: 1300 128 539
E:  ACETS.Helpdesk | at |

ATSAS provides a streamline entry point for Northern Health sub-acute bed based services provided at Bundoora Extended Care Centre (BECC) and Broadmeadows Health Service (BHS)
F: 8405 2805                                               T: Clinician: 8405 2806 and 8405 2807

Referral Information Requirements:
- Reason for referral
- Patient contact details
- Working diagnosis
- Medical History – current and relevant past
- Current medications
- Relevant investigations and pathology (within previous 3 months)*
- Current management of the condition and response to this

Northern Health Release of Information Process

For any organisation including hospitals and general practitioners, requiring patient information from Northern Health, all requests are to be in writing and on the requesting organisations letterhead with attached patient consent. Requests are to be in writing to uphold patient’s privacy and to ensure the appropriate information is being released.

Written requests are to be faxed to: Client Data Management Unit, The Northern Hospital. Fax: 03 8405 8007. For further information please contact the Release of Information Team on 03 8405 8071.

Referrals to Northern Health Gynaecology Outpatients for Women with Abnormal Pap Smears

  • One low grade (CIN1) Pap smear is not an indication for referral to NH Gynaecology Clinic. The GP should recall the patient for a 2nd Pap smear 6 months later.
  • Two or more low grade Pap smears at least 6 months apart is an indication for referral to NH Gynaecology Outpatients for colposcopy
  • A single High Grade Pap smear (CIN2 or CIN3) is an indication for referral
  • Pap smears reported as “inconclusive” should be repeated at least once before a patient with “inconclusive” results are referred.

MBS (bulk bill) Clinic Referrals

All MBS clinic referrals must:
1.  be addressed to a specific consultant
2.  include the clinic name
3.  include the GP provider number
4. include the patient Medicare number.

For consultant names and MBS go to Specialist Clinics listing. This requirement will apply to most clinics as the majority are MBS.

Changes to Northern Health Eye Service

Northern Health is working to ensure that it can offer timely access to care for patients with confirmed diabetic eye disease. To facilitate this, referrals will no longer be accepted for patients requiring routine diabetic screening. Patients with diabetes should undergo a dilated fundus examination and comprehensive eye test at diagnosis. This can be completed by an optometrist. Most northern suburbs optometry services bulk bill consultations but patients should enquire prior to booking if payment is a concern. If the optometrist confirms the presence of diabetic eye disease they or the GP can refer to Northern Health Ophthalmology service. Relevant test results must be included with the referral. If no disease is detected, the patient should be reviewed as per the recommendations of the optometrist/eye health specialist. The NHMRC guidelines recommend at least every two years

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