For Patients and Visitors

The Orthotic department provides orthoses (braces/supportive devices) to inpatients and outpatients at all 4 campus’ (Epping, Bundoora, Broadmeadows, Craigieburn) who have acute and/or chronic conditions requiring treatment.

Orthotists are skilled clinicians who treat of a wide range of neuromusculo-skeletal conditions, as well as providing treatment post surgically, for fracture management as well as high risk foot management.

Orthoses may be individually custom-made, customised, or fitted as prefabricated devices. Examples of the types of orthoses we prescribe and provide are:

  • wrist hand orthosis
  • foot orthoses
  • footwear
  • ankle-foot orthoses
  • knee orthoses
  • fracture orthoses
  • spinal orthoses as well as more complex devices as required.

What can I expect from the service?

We see inpatients at all campus’, as well as outpatients who have been referred from a clinical service within Northern Health. NH Orthotics do not provide a home visit service.

We link closely with other Allied Health teams and medical teams within Northern health to achieve optimum patient care.

Contact us via the Community Access Service on 1300 128 539 or email Community.Access.Helpdesk@nh.org.au to enquire about your referral:

For other enquiries: 8405-2737 Orthotics Department


For Health Professionals

Service Overview

Northern Health Orthotic Department consists of orthotist and allied health assistants who are responsible for a clinical assessment and prescription of suitable orthotic management to meet the goals of referrer and client. An orthosis can be pre-fabricated, customised or custom made.

Orthotists have very close links to the surgical and medical units within the Northern Health network, including areas such as Orthopaedics, Vascular, Surgical, Plastics and Neurology. Our expertise ranges from those requiring custom foot orthoses, orthosis for fracture management, including spinal orthoses and lower limb orthosis.

Inclusion criteria:

VACS program: Northern Health internal referral only

SACS program:

  • Internal referral from NH staff only where clients have current active episode
  • NDIS external referral (BECC catchment)

Exclusion criteria:

VACS program

  • Referral from outside NH network
  • Patients outside Northern Health catchment areas

SACS program:

  • External referral where orthotics is the only discipline involved
  • Patients outside Northern Health catchment areas

How to Refer:

Community Access Service

Fax to:     8405-8616

Email:     Community.Access.Helpdesk@nh.org.au

Referral must include:

Relevant medical history

Orthotic request/goals

Wearing regime of orthosis (if appropriate)

WB status of patient (if appropriate)

Alternative service options:

Private Orthotic providers

Director/Head of Unit:

Samantha Hanna