From Graduate Nurse to Operations Director: Linda Romano’s Journey

We spoke with Linda Romano, Operations Director Perioperative and ICU, about her career with Northern Health.

Why did you apply to Northern Health for your Graduate year?
During a short placement at the Northern Health, as a student nurse, I felt a connection with the hospital that I’d never experienced on other clinical placements. I felt part of the team.  I felt that I fitted in.
The information session that I attended answered all my questions, it put me at ease about making such an important decision.

Pictured from left to right: Jake Geertsema , Director, Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine, Ajimon Joy, Associate Nurse Unit Manager, Anaesthesia, General Operating Theatres Northern Health, Linda Romano, Operations Director, Perioperative Services & ICU, Vicki Yin, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Registrar and Lissy Joseph Registered Nurse.

How has Northern supported your career?
I’ve been able to accomplish many things at Northern that I’m very proud of. My first job was a Graduate Nurse in the Graduate Program. After a couple of years, I progressed to taking the role of Associate Nurse Unit Manager, moved up to an acting Nurse Unit Manager role in Surgical, then on to being Nurse Unit Manager of the Short Stay Unit, an Access Manager, and now an Operations Director.
Opportunities presented themselves, and I stepped up to the challenge. I knew that I had support of those around me to take on these fantastic opportunities.

What has enabled your success at Northern Health?
Definitely having great mentors. Working in a team and getting support from those around you.  Encouragement at every step of the way.  Building strong professional relationships, gaining and giving respect to colleagues.

What do you see as your strengths?
I believe I’m a positive person. I have resilience, and I know that if there’s a tough shift, tomorrow is a new day.  It is not always easy being a nurse, but to have a voice, to advocate for what is right, to support those around you, and to approach things with a can-do attitude, to have a suggested solution to a problem.  Look at things from all angles, walk in another person’s shoes.

Advice to a new graduate?
Always smile!
Talk and listen, each is equally important.
You can make a difference!

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