Update 2 July 2020: Due to the current COVID-19 developments, Northern Health’s Hack Weekend has been postponed.

Is the Event Face to Face or Virtual?

Both! We know in this crazy new world that virtual meetings are the way of the future. We also know that hackathons always work well with some face to face interaction.

We will offer participants the choice of whether to attend the weekend on site at Northern Hospital, Epping or virtually via video link (Microsoft Teams).

Given the need to be safe and comply with appropriate psychical distancing procedures, there will be a limited number of on-site places available so make sure you register quickly!

I have no idea what kind of problem I can bring! / My problems are different! / I have no idea what I’m doing!

Don’t worry. Please see some of the examples on our Problems to Solve page. Alternatively you can email us at hackweekend@nh.org.au to clarify any questions you may have.

Remember, if you submit a problem/idea then you are also committing to come along for the weekend and pitch your idea!

I have lots of ideas! Can I submit more than one for the hack weekend?

You can certainly submit more than one! You can submit several ideas and they will be judged equally.

Please note only Northern Health staff members can pitch ideas.

How will the ideas submitted be chosen for the hack weekend?

We are looking for three big ideas. Three problems that our patients and clinicians face on a regular basis.

A panel, including our CEO Siva Sivarajah, will review all the problems and ideas submitted for the hack weekend. The panel will then decide which problems/ideas may be able to be merged given similarities and then ask those that have submitted the best ideas to take the forward to hack weekend.

What if my problem/idea isn’t successful?

We are sorry we can’t put all the ideas forward! Don’t worry however, we will try where possible to link you to a department that may already be working on a solution to the problem, so we can make sure that the good idea isn’t lost!

What do I need to bring if I am on site?

A laptop and enthusiasm! We’ll have whiteboards, paper, sticky notes, sharpies etc. If you think of anything else that might be necessary, let us know as early as possible.

Will there be food and drinks provided?

Unfortunately, to keep us all safe, we will not be able to provide food to share. Please bring your own lunch and some drinks.

Will there be prizes!?

Yes! The best solution, as judged by our panel, will receive a prize. What prize you ask? It’s a surprise!

If a Northern Health staff member, will I be paid for my time if I attend the Hack Weekend?

Staff member participation is voluntary.

Do I have attend for the whole weekend to participate?

No. We would ask that you attend the beginning of the event on the Saturday so you can get involved in the right teams and working on the right problem.

Is this a code of conduct for the event?

Of course. Please click here to open up our Code of Conduct.

I have another question…

We are always happy to help. E-mail us at hackweekend@nh.org.au.