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Graduate Midwifery Program - 2018

The Graduate Midwifery Program is based in the Maternity and Women’s Health unit at The Northern Hospital.  It has been designed to offer you, as a new practitioner, consolidation across the midwifery continuum of care in a well-supported and nurturing environment.

The maternity unit at The Northern Hospital is situated in one of Melbourne’s major growth corridors and handles over 3,200 births annually.
The unit comprises nine fully equipped birthing suites, 32 dedicated maternity and gynaecology beds and Level 2 Special Care Nursery and Antenatal Outpatients clinic.

Support is the key to success as a graduate midwife.  Our Clinical Midwife Educators, Clinical Support Midwives, preceptors and experienced clinical staff provide practical assistance and support in the clinical environment.

Orientation to Northern Health is designed specifically to support the graduate midwife, addressing both clinical and administrative aspects over a 3 day comprehensive program in our state-of-the-art Northern Centre for Health Education and Research. Supernumerary shifts are allocated on each rotation, working with a preceptor.

Rotations across the midwifery continuum include:

Birth Suite
Antenatal Clinic
Postnatal and Gynaecological Surgical Unit
Special Care Nursery
Domiciliary Care

Education is ongoing.  Graduate study days encompass theory, hands-on practice and experience in our simulation centre – as well as the opportunity to debrief and share experiences in a supported friendly environment.  Learning packages and assessments in advanced clinical skills are offered to further enhance your skill set. You will be given the opportunity to participate in a well-supported and comprehensive series of professional development in-services and workshops relevant to your growth as a midwife. 

Employment in our graduate program is over a 53 week period, on a part-time basis - working 8 shifts per fortnight.

Applications for our 2018 Program are now closed.

We are currently working through applications and will begin our interview process in the coming weeks.

For further information:

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