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Post Graduate Diploma, Midwifery (clinical placement model):

The primary aim of the course is to prepare the Division 1 Registered Nurse (RN) to function as a competent midwife in the specialty of midwifery.

The Course aims to:
• Analyse and refine a theory base, which will enable participants to practice at beginning level in their selected specialty.
• Develop specific skills in assessment relevant to their selected specialty
• Utilise the major principles underpinning their specialty to plan, implement and evaluate nursing and midwifery practice.
• Enhance awareness of societal, professional, legal and ethical frameworks for specialty practice

Date of Commencement
February 2018

Length of course
• Academic: 2 semesters
• Clinical: Placements are as rostered to meet university requirements across the 2017 calendar year (or as otherwise negotiated) within  the relevant specialty department. It is anticipated this will be an average of two - three rostered days per week, in a supernumerary, unpaid, capacity.
• Students are not employed but supported to do their clinical placement in the relevant areas of Midwifery at Northern Health.

Graduate Diploma

• Academic component:
The theoretical component of the course will be conducted at Latrobe University.
• Clinical Component:
The Midwifery Department of Northern Health, predominantly based at The Northern Hospital, Epping.

Clinical Rotations
Will occur in relevant areas including:
• Birth Suite
• Postnatal, including domiciliary care
• Special Care Nursery
• Antenatal Clinics

Formal Assesment (depending upon specialty) in clinical area
As determined by Latrobe University

Admission Criteria
The applicant:
• Must have a current Practicing Certificate that states that they are entered on the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency as a Division 1 Registered Nurse;
• Must have had a minimum of twelve (12) months acute medical / surgical experience upon application
• Must provide documented evidence of continuing education

Employment opportunities at Northern Health may be possible following successful completion of the course.

Enquiries to:

debra.noorbaccus | at |

Clinical Midwifery Educator

leah.hansen | at |

Associate Director Education - Nursing & Midwifery

Admission process
An application must be made to Northern Health via e-Mercury, on the Northern Health website, for placement (please note, this is not a paid position, students will attend placement in a supernumerary capacity).

Acceptance for placement at Northern Health is dependant on acceptance to the relevant university.

Applications will be open soon. Please sign up to the NH erecruit system for advice on applying.

To apply to the relevant university and Northern Health usual requirements are:
• Fulfil interview criteria for course commencement, obtainable from university student admission office;
• Complete University application form;
• Type written letter of application;
• Curriculum Vitae;
• Certified copy of Academic Transcript and / or Hospital examination results;
• Certified copy of Current Practicing certificate (as per AHPRA);
• Record of continuing education in-service attendance;
• Names, addresses and business telephone numbers of three (3) professional referees.
• For specific university requirements please refer directly to university website.

Support Model
All Students on placement at Northern Health in specialty departments are supported by a team of relevant clinical educators and unit staff.

As set by the Universities.

Government Postgraduate Scholarships may be available external to the Network.

The award of these scholarships is determined on individual merit by an independent body.

Students are also encouraged to apply for other relevant scholarships e.g. RCNA, go to: