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 Medical Education Unit

Northern Health is committed to the continuing education and professional development of medical professionals. We provide learning and training opportunities for new Interns, HMOs, Registrars and through to Consultants.
Interns and HMOs are provided with valuable on the job learning opportunities supported by the Medical Education Team and the Junior Medical Workforce Unit.
At Northern Health, your education and training is our priority. We aim to facilitate your transition from new Intern to competent and confident medical practitioner through:
We provide a variety of rosters offering rotations through medical, surgical, emergency and elective rotations.
Our Medical Education Unit consists of Dr Carol Chong, Dr Edwina Holbeach & Dr Rachael Coutts, who are all Consultants at Northern Health. In addition, Susie Sangas and Rebecca Hartman assist Interns, HMO2/3 and IMGs.
We ask for your feedback about rotations and use it to improve training opportunities at Northern Health.
We hold weekly Intern training sessions and HMO2/3 sessions. During these training sessions your pagers are held for you to allow you dedicated training time. We also provide weekly case presentations.
We have an International Medical Graduate (IMG) Support Program.
We provide sessions on how to choose your speciality.
We videoconference our Grand rounds to other campuses at Northern Health. 

Junior Medical Workforce Unit

The JMWU is dedicated to supporting Junior Medical Staff and other departments of Northern Health.  We manage all aspects of advertising, marketing, recruitment, onboarding, orientation, rostering, registration, planned and unplanned leave, and general pastoral care for JMOs.
The JMWU works closely with the Medical Education Unit to ensure the educational and training needs of each junior medical officer are addressed.
The JMWU also works closely with each Clinical Unit to develop and review positions, rosters and workload. Confidential feedback received from you to the Medical Education Unit is discussed with respective Units to ensure your ideas and suggestions are heard.

The JMWU consists of:
Associate Director - Lora Davies
Senior Coordinator - Ricole Kopetzky
Senior Coordinator - Sally Watson
Senior Coordinator - Holly Martin 
Each Coordinator  is responsible for the management of all JMO issues within their respective Stream e.g. payroll management, sick leave replacement, change of shifts, etc. You will work closely with your respective Coordinator who will ensure any issues you may have are addressed.