Why Research Week matters

October 27, 2022

It is no coincidence that in the same month as Research Week 2022, we also celebrate two significant research grants.

Firstly, congratulations to Professor Natalie Hannan and Associate Professor Lisa Hui, co-founders of the Northern Centre for Health Education & Research (NCHER) Reproductive Health Biobank, on each being awarded a 2023 Dame Kate Campbell Fellowship.

The Dame Kate Campbell Fellowship is awarded by the University of Melbourne Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences through a highly competitive process. It is named after the noted Australian physician and paediatrician. This award recognises the immense contributions that Natalie and Lisa have already made and continue to make to the faculty and the northern precinct.

“It is an incredible honour to receive a Dame Kate Campbell fellowship, and especially gratifying to have our efforts to establish research in Women’s and Children’s Health at the Northern Precinct recognised,” Lisa said.

Natalie describes Dame Kate Campbell, as “an incredibly inspiring medical researcher.” The same could be said of Research Week, which serves to raise the bar and provide a benchmark of the high-quality research being undertaken at Northern Health.

“I am so very humbled to have been awarded a Dame Kate Campbell Fellowship. This award means so much to us and will support us towards achieving our own research goals and impact. We are so grateful for the support from Northern Health,” Natalie said.

Equally noteworthy is the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) Research Grant to Dr Kay Weng Choy and his team from Northern Pathology Victoria – for the second consecutive year. Every year, the RCPA Foundation offers Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Research Grants (AUD$30,000) to ‘support a research project involving the development and interpretation of Quality Assurance Programs’.

QAPs ensure that pathology results are fit for clinical purposes and are essential for ongoing laboratory accreditation.

“In 2021, my colleagues and I here at Northern Pathology Victoria were awarded the grant to develop a QAP for urea breath tests. This year, we were successful in our application for the same grant to develop a QAP for plasma copeptin,” said Kay Weng.

“For a relatively new laboratory this is a great achievement for the team,” he added.

Faye Zaibak, Director, Research Operations, said, “Research Week allows us to come together as an organisation and celebrate the achievements of our researchers.”

“Events such as this bring world best thought leaders together to share their experience and perspectives and challenge us to new heights,” Faye said.

Associate Professor Wanda S Stelmach, Chief Medical Officer, said, “Research Week brought together a vibrant group of enthusiastic researchers and supporters – an amazing week! So it’s no surprise that Northern Health researchers are being recognised further afield. Congratulations, Natalie, Lisa and Kay Weng!”