How to Join

  • Go to
  • Complete membership application as Member Type: nh WellAhead
  • Select one or more of the following classes and activities from the list below at
  • You will then receive an invoice with the discounted membership fee i.e. $ 30
  • Remember this offer is only for the month of March 2024
    Class / Activity Name Class / Activity Code
    NH Beginners Line Dancing Whittlesea 241MON30
    NH Well Walk and Talk 241MON31
    NH Bike Riding 244THU31
    NH Scrabble 241MON32
    NH Chess and other Board Games 243WED23
    NH What is Anxiety? 241MON33
    NH Eating for Healthy Living 245FRI20
    NH Preparing Healthy Food 245FRI21
    NH Sampling Food for Different Cultures 245FRI22
    NH Well Ahead Cooking For U 245FRI23
    NH Speakers’ Discussion Group 241MON34