What the Hack? – Northern Health’s inaugural hack weekend

June 19, 2020

Update 2 July 2020: Due to the current COVID-19 developments, Northern Health’s Hack Weekend has been postponed.

What the Hack? – Northern Health’s inaugural hack weekend invites ‘techies’ of all descriptions, from students and gurus, app and software developers, data professionals, designers and other digital wizzes, to work together over a weekend and create exciting solutions and products. It also invites consumers and our staff members to join us and provide feedback to the tech solutions.

What the Hack?  is scheduled for 11-12 July 2020, and will be both face-to-face at at Northern Hospital (NCHER building), Epping or online via MS Teams.

Ed Savill, Operations Director, says the Hack Weekend will present three problems that our patients and clinicians face, that virtual healthcare may help be part of the answer. The theme of the weekend is ‘Supporting Northern Health to re-imagine and transform healthcare, using digital solutions, in the new world’.

“In the current environment, we need to think about innovative ways to communicate with our community and the hack weekend offers an opportunity to start that conversation,” explained Anthony Gust, Director, Data Science and Analytics.

What the Hack? will help our healthcare professionals to see what is possible in the tech sector and to learn from and be inspired by great developers; in turn we’d like developers to be excited by the unique challenges we face and use their expertise to help push forward towards a digital ‘post – COVID-19’ future.

If you have more questions or would like to sign up for the event, please have a look at our What the Hack page.

Please see our promo video below: