Update 2 July 2020: Due to the current COVID-19 developments, Northern Health’s Hack Weekend has been postponed.

We’re looking for people from all walks of life and experiences to participate in our inaugural Hack Weekend. If you have the following skills, we’d love you to sign up to participate. You don’t have to be a master programmer to join in – you may be an amateur, a student or need to dust of your skills first.

Tech Experts

We know that tech experts come in many different forms and have many different skills! We are looking for all types of those skills to join us for the event. Please let us know what type of skills and experience you have so we can make sure your skills are used to the best they can be!

Example of tech expert roles – UX Designers, Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Project Managers / Scrum Masters, Domain Experts

Please tell us what languages you are proficient in coding in:

  • Java, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, SQL, Swift

Northern Health Staff (Subject Matter Experts)

Are you a Northern Health staff member and keen to be involved? We are looking for front-line clinicians to help be part of our problem solving teams so to offer that expert view on whether any solution will work in practice.

Don’t have a problem exactly, but like the idea of being part of the solution?

We’re also looking for staff members who can help us with on the ground logistics and coordination as well as supporting teams to pitch ideas.

Patients we need you! How can help we help solve the problems without hearing from those it affects? If you are a patient of Northern Health and keen to be involved in new innovative thinking, then please register and come along to the event!

Love the idea of a hack weekend? Always wanted to get involved? We need volunteers to help run the event.
Whether that be a facilitator for a problem solving group or help facilitate the overall running of the event, please sign up and get involved!

To register, please click here.