Northern Health launches second Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

July 9, 2024

Northern Health recently launched its second Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

The RAP serves as a strategic framework to promote reconciliation by fostering relationships, respect and opportunities between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian community.

After over two years of consultation with the Aboriginal community, the RAP enables us to deepen our commitment to reconciliation, allowing for continuous strategies through practical actions informed by community feedback and our experiences. The RAP was developed by the Northern Health Action Plan Subcommittee in partnership with the Northern Health Aboriginal Advisory Committee and other community members. The RAP Subcommittee meets regularly, with the primary aims of monitoring, implementing and reporting on the RAP.

Northern Health strives to offer a culturally safe environment in all our facilities by embracing the new Narrun Wilip-giin Culture Gathering Space, commissioning new artwork and installing Acknowledgment Plaques across all of our campuses.

Priorities for the new RAP include strengthening our relationships with Aboriginal organisations and community, building upon the respect we intend to practice each and every day to Aboriginal people, facilitate opportunities for our Aboriginal workforce, cultural safety and tailored services to help close the gap with our Aboriginal patients.

“This Reconciliation Action Plan demonstrates a whole of organisation approach to cultural diversity and has received full endorsement by Reconciliation Australia, the Northern Health Aboriginal Advisory Committee, Reconciliation Action Plan Subcommittee, Northen Health Executive and Northern Health Board,” said Siva Sivarajah, Chief Executive, Northern Health.

Northern Health commemorated the launch of the second RAP last month with a Welcome to Country, guest speakers and dance performances.

“The launch event not only celebrated our achievements, but also reinforced our commitment to the ongoing journey of reconciliation,” said Yue Hu, Director, Narrun Wilip-giin, Aboriginal Support Unit.

To view the RAP, please click here.