Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at Northern Health

September 6, 2023

Northern Health is implementing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in September 2023.

What is an Electronic Medical Record? 

The EMR is an electronic version of your medical record.  This means clinicians will enter your clinical information using electronic devices, instead of paper.  

This allows the team of clinicians to access your records at the same time for coordinated care, so your medical team can work together to make the best decisions for your journey at Northern Health.  

How will EMR benefit me? 

You won’t need to repeat your story. Once we have your information on the record, when you visit next, staff will ask you to confirm, update your details, and review your clinical information on the EMR.  

Who can access my Northern Health EMR? 

Only staff allocated as your care team can access your record to ensure your information remains private and secure. 

When you go home, you can provide consent for Northern Health to share relevant information with your General Practitioner (GP), for example, your discharge summary.  

We will not share your record with any external providers without your consent. 

Northern Health will run regular audits to make sure staff are working within their scope of practice.  

What is in place to secure information in the EMR? 

Tests have been completed to ensure:  

  • EMR meets ongoing cyber security requirements to keep your data safe and secure  
  • All computers have security measures including password protection and audit trails  

 You can find a copy of our Privacy and Confidentiality patient brochure here. 

 Is the EMR the same as My Health Record? 

No, My Health Record is the federal government’s online summary of a patient’s key health information.  

Northern Health EMR can only be accessed by the Northern Health staff.   

If you consent, information about your stay at Northern Health can be sent to your My Health Record, if you are registered for one.  

To register for My Health Record, visit https://www.nh.org.au/patients-and-visitors/patient-information/my-health-record/ 

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