An advocate is someone who stands beside you and works solely on your behalf and at your discretion. They may be a friend or family member, or a representative of an Advocacy Service.

An advocate can assist you by:

Ensuring that your rights are maintained;

Ensuring that you actively participate in decision-making processes; and

Resolving any problems or complaints you may have in relation to services.

Your Case Manager is employed to act as an advocate on your behalf; however we acknowledge the rights of our consumers to appoint an independently chosen advocate and to change your nominated advocate at any time.

If you wish to have a friend or family member present or involved on your behalf, please speak with your Case Manager. Alternatively your Case Manager can assist you to access an appropriate advocate of your choice or you may independently contact an advocacy service.

An advocacy service can:

Provide you with information and advice about your rights and enable you to be involved in decisions affecting your life;

Assist you to resolve problems or complaints in relation to services; and

Promote your rights generally within the wider community.

Contact Numbers for Advocacy Services

Organisation Phone Number
Older Persons Advocacy Network 1800 700 600
The Office of the Public Advocate (03) 9603 9500 or 1800 136 829


Northern Health Home Care Packages  will liaise with the advocate of your choosing.