Get to know: Grace Parisi

February 2, 2024

Meet Grace Parisi, Receptionist, Northern Hospital Epping.

What is your coffee order?
My coffee order is white skinny latte, one sugar.

Tell me about your role at Northern Health and what it entails?
I was employed at Northern Health in January 2020 on a casual basis and am now permanently employed on a variety of different shifts. My shifts are day, afternoon and night shifts.

My role at Switchboard/Reception is to answer calls. The Switchboard/Reception department plays a pivotal role in our organisation, seamlessly managing various responsibilities to ensure effective and smooth operations. At the forefront, we skilfully handle the switchboard, serving as the primary point of contact for the public. Our adept communication skills shine as we engage with diverse individuals, addressing inquiries and aiding with professionalism and courtesy.

Moreover, the Switchboard/Reception department extends their expertise to liaise with doctors and nurses, fostering clear and efficient lines of communication within the healthcare team. This includes coordinating and relaying critical information to facilitate the seamless flow of patient care.

In the midst of a dynamic healthcare environment, the team excels at multitasking, effortlessly juggling responsibilities to meet the demands of a fast-paced setting. Our ability to remain composed and focused while handling various tasks concurrently is a testament to our dedication and organisational expertise.

Beyond interpersonal skills and multitasking capabilities, the Switchboard/Reception department also plays a pivotal role in logistical aspects, diligently organising equipment to ensure its timely availability. This careful attention to detail contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of our healthcare services.

In essence, the Switchboard/Reception department stands as a linchpin in our organisation, skilfully managing the switchboard, engaging with the public, collaborating with medical professionals, multitasking with finesse, and organising equipment seamlessly to support the delivery of exceptional healthcare services.

How do you like to relax after work?
There is no hesitation in relaxing with a large Moscato after work.

What is your favourite travel destination and why?
I travelled to Europe in 1990 and one of my favourite destinations was Paris. I would love to experience it again with my partner and admire the beautiful Eifel tower and romantic scenes together.

What is one thing people might be surprised to know about you?
That I am a proud grandmother of two beautiful grandsons, aged four and nearly two.