Get to know: Dr Eric Daniel

February 23, 2024


Meet Dr Eric Daniel, Colorectal Surgeon, Northern Health


Q: What is your coffee order?

A: Long macchiato.


Q: Tell us about your role at Northern Health?

A: I’m a Colorectal Surgeon which is a sub-speciality dealing with bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, pelvic floor dysfunction and proctology. I finished medical school in 2006 and my post graduate training in 2017 and started as a consultant in 2018 at Northern Health.

The Colorectal Unit is a part of the Division of General Surgery, and we work closely with the Gastroenterology Unit, stomal therapy, nursing staff and Allied Health.  It is a busy unit for our junior medical staff, but I think our unit culture makes it a favourable rotation. Well, I hope it does!


Q: If you weren’t a surgeon, what would you have been instead?

A: Either a failed writer or a terrible lawyer. In both cases, still living with my parents.


Q: What is your biggest achievement till date (both professionally and personally)?

A: Professionally, I feel my biggest achievement was getting through training. It’s a terrible toll your family has to pay. Personally, being lucky enough to have two children.


Q: What is on your bucket list for 2024?

A: Ah…. Probably getting away for the weekend for my 10-year wedding anniversary. Actually, this is quite a good reminder to book something!