Get to know: Atif Khawaja

June 7, 2024


Meet Atif Khawaja, Talent Acquisition Partner, People and Culture, Northern Health.

Q. Firstly, your coffee order please?
Extra hot cappuccino with two sugars and full cream milk.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about your career.
My career is diverse. I’m a qualified electrical engineer and certified lead auditor. After earning my MBA, I worked as an HR Generalist for a multinational telecom company, managing HR functions in their technical operations and maintenance department. I moved to Australia just before the Covid-19 outbreak.

Q. What is your greatest achievement since working here?
My journey at Northern Health spans roughly two years, and recently I won the staff quarterly award in the Rising Star category. This recognition is definitely one of my proudest achievements while working here.

Q. How do you relax after a long shift?
I have two young daughters, and answering their innocent questions and having silly conversations with them helps me relax. Additionally, watching my favorite TV show after dinner with a cup of tea alongside my wife helps me unwind and prepare for the next busy day.

Q. Do you have a bucket list item? Something you would love to do.
I am a big fan of aviation and airlines, so sitting in the cockpit of the largest aircraft, the Airbus A380, is definitely on my bucket list. In terms of travel, I would love to visit the small Caribbean islands to enjoy the tropical landscape of the Atlantic Ocean and experience the scenic beauty of the Arctic Circle in Scandinavian countries, particularly Norway.

Q. Where is a favourite place you’ve travelled and why?
As a relatively new Australian, I am still exploring the country. All the beaches I’ve visited so far, mainly along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and Bondi Beach in Sydney, are among my favourite places. Outside of Australia, I enjoy the urban lifestyle of Dubai, UAE. Visiting the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, is an experience I will never forget.