DonateLife Thank You Day: Saying thank you to organ and tissue donors and their families

November 15, 2023

Each year, many Australian lives are saved and transformed through the generosity of organ and tissue donors and their families.

DonateLife Thank You Day is acknowledged annually on the third Sunday of November to pause, remember, thank and recognise the difference organ donors and families have made to Australians.

Since the DonateLife program began in 2009, more than 6,000 people have become organ donors at the end of their life.

Thanks to these donors, more than 17,000 Australians have received a life-saving organ transplant and thousands more, have benefited from the generosity of eye and tissue donors.

At Northern Health last year, three families said ‘yes’ to organ donation. These donations saved and transformed the lives of nine very grateful recipients. Seven families said ‘yes’ to eye and tissue donation, restoring sight and changing the lives of 14 recipients, and for this, we say thank you!

This week, alongside acknowledging the donors and their families, the Donation Specialist team would also like to highlight and thank Northern Health staff for their invaluable contribution.

“Organ and tissue donation would not be possible without the commitment, teamwork and caring nature that is in place to support the donation team, patients and their families through organ and tissue donation,” said Medical Donation Specialist, Dr David Crosbie.

“The role of the donation specialist is a very unique and privileged role. It is very humbling to sit with a family and learn about the patient, where they share intimate moments and stories with you, whilst feeling such grief and loss. The decisions of families saying ‘yes’ to donation, have literally saved the lives of others they have never met,” said Nurse Donation Specialist, Bridget Walters.

During this week, the Donation Specialist team encourages staff to log on to the DonateLife website and take a moment to read some of the family donor stories, where Australians share what it has meant for their loved one to become an organ donor, as well as stories from recipients about being given that second chance at life.

Read the inspiring collection of stories, here.

Pictured in featured image: Dr David Crosbie and Bridget Walters.