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Who is a Medicare Ineligible Patient?

A Medicare Ineligible patient is an individual who does not hold a valid Medicare Card, is not an Asylum Seeker and is not a visitor from a country that holds Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with Australia.

It is your responsibility as a Medicare Ineligible Patients to ensure you have adequate health insurance or funding to cover the cost of your health care. 

Reciprocal Rights

The Australian Government has Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA) with the
governments of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Malta and Italy.

These agreements may entitle you to limited subsidised health services for medically necessary treatments whilst visiting Australia. If the appropriate documentation (passport, visa, date of entry confirmation and/or country of birth residential status) is not produced you will be expected to pay for all associated medical costs, however the fee will be waived once the documents are presented to the Patient Liaison Office.

Please note that with Italy and Malta Medicare coverage is only for a period of six months from the date of arrival in Australia.

Asylum Seeker/Refugee

Asylum seekers and refugees are provided with free medical care (including diagnostic services) in Victorian hospitals.

Asylum Seekers/Refugees will need to produce appropriate documentation confirming their status from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship or from a recognised asylum support agency.

If documentation is not produced you will be expected to pay for all associated medical costs, however fees will be waived once necessary documentation has been provided to the Patient Liaison Office.

I have an Australian Health Insurance policy. Do I need to pay for my health care?

Depending on your insurance coverage and services provided by Northern Health, you may be required to make upfront payment for the cost of your appointment, procedure or admission.

In the circumstances whereby a guarantee of payment can be obtained from your Australian Health Fund, Northern Health will endeavour to invoice your health fund directly for the cost of your inpatient stay including any theatre charges.

All outpatient and emergency attendances require upfront payment at the cashiers’ office on the day of service.

Charges for Radiology and Pathology services will be posted to your home address.

What if I have an Overseas Travel Insurance policy?

Patients who hold Overseas Travel Insurance are required to pay the full cost of their hospital accommodation and treatment fees at the time of admission. Northern Health will provide you with a receipt that you may take to your Travel Insurance provider to request claim reimbursement.

I have no Insurance. Who do I discuss my options payments with?

To discuss payment arrangements please call Patient Accounts on (03) 8405 2603

What costs am I likely to incur? *


Emergency Attendance                                                                 $500 per visit  



Outpatient Consultation                                                                  $280 per visit
Allied Health (Physio/Hand Therapy)                                             $140 per visit



Medical Overnight                                                                            $1,600
Day Bed                                                                                           $1,000
Coronary Care Unit - CCU                                                               $3,000
Intensive Care Unit - ICU                                                                 $4,500
High Dependency Unit - HDU                                                          $2,500
Cardiac Procedure                                                                           $1,800
Dialysis, Day Oncology, Haematology                                             $1,800
Special Care Nursery                                                                       $1,600
Palliative Care                                                                                  $1,600
Rehabilitation                                                                                    $1,600
Hospital In The Home                                                                        $600

*Prices are subject to annual review & patient care plan


Pharmaceutical Services                                                                     Full Cost
Medical fees including Anaesthetics                                                   Full Cost
Radiology & Pathology Services                                                         Full Cost
Day Procedure Unit/Theatre Charges                                                 Full Cost
Prosthesis including Aids & Appliances                                              Full Cost


How do I pay my account?

Payments can be made by BPAY*, Credit Card, Cash, Money Order or Cheque at our Cashiers’ Office.
* Details for BPAY payments can be found on the bottom of your invoice

Address: 185 Cooper Street Epping VIC 3076. 

Phone: (03) 8405 8570

Cheque & Money Orders can be posted to Patient Accounts at: 

Locked Bag 2005 SOMERTON DC VIC 3076

What happens if I don't pay my account or agree to a suitable payment arrangement?

If visa holders do not meet their health insurance conditions, then they may be considered in breach of their visa conditions. Northern Health may be obliged to notify the Department of Immigration in these circumstances, which can result in the cancellation of the visa and payment of any outstanding public health costs incurred.

What information may I be asked to provide?

You may be asked to provide the following documents;

• Passport/Visa
• Contact details during your stay in Australia
• Overseas contact details
• Health Insurance details
• Evidence of immigration status i.e. IMMI Card, Interim Medicare card, letter from a Asylum Support Agency


For more information please contact

Revenue Services 
Phone: (03) 8405 2625 or (03) 8405 2583


To speak with an Interpreter please contact

Telephone Interpreting Services
Phone: 131 450