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Aboriginal Support:  Link to For Patients Support Services page.  Currently on For Patient page

Alcohol: Alcohol must not be brought into the hospital.

Assistance Bell:  Each bed has a call bell. When you press the button, you alert the nursing staff that you need help. You will be shown how to use it when you are admitted to hospital.

Electrical appliances: Due to the potential fire risk, you must ask ward staff before you bring in personal electrical equipment such as hair driers, portable music devices or phone chargers.

Infection prevention: Link to Standard 3 – Preventing and Controlling Infections

Laundry:  We do not have the facilities to wash or dry patient’s personal clothing.  You are advised to send your clothing home for washing.  The Northern Hospital Rainbow Convenience Store: located in the main foyer, offers a dry cleaning service.

Lost Property: If you lose a personal item during your stay, speak to the nurse looking after you as soon as possible.  If you leave any personal property behind when you leave hospital, please contact the ward where you were staying and speak to the nurse manager.

Meals: Every day you will be given a menu card to order ahead for three meals. If you are having surgery or any special tests, your chosen meal may be changed for safety or other reasons. If you are unavailable or unable to choose for yourself your meals will be chosen for you Please tell your doctor or nurse if you have special dietary or religious requirements and you will be referred to a dietician.

Due to food safety regulations, patients should not bring in food from outside the hospital. Please note that we do not accept responsibility for food prepared externally and provided to patients by visitors. When food is not properly prepared, transported or stored, there is a risk of food poisoning.

Visitors who wish to bring in food for patients should speak with your nurse manager and read our factsheet Bringing food into hospital

Medical Enduring Power of Attorney:  You may consider completing a Medical Enduring Power of Attorney to appoint a person responsible who will be able to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are ever too sick to do it yourself.  For further information contact Northern Health Advance Care Planning For more information

Pastoral Care / Chapel: Northern Health supports the spirituality of all patients, visitors and staff. For more information. For more information

Patient equipment: You may need equipment to help you manage safely and independently after you go home from hospital. Ask staff for more information     

Person responsible: When you are ill, family and friends will want regular updates on your progress. Please nominate one person as the main contact who can keep family and friends updated on your progress. 

Smoking: Northern Health is a smoke free environment. All the buildings and outdoor areas on the hospital grounds are SMOKE FREE. This includes the areas immediately outside ALL entrances to the hospital. Please refrain from smoking on hospital grounds

If you are a smoker and you are in hospital for more than 24 hours you can ask for Nicotine Replacement Therapy such as gum, patches or lozenges as part of your care to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible.  Support and advice about giving up smoking is also available for patients.

Telephones: There is a patient phone at most overnight bed locations.
Calls from outside the hospital between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm can be directed to all patients by ringing:

The Northern Hospital:    8405 8000   (including after hours calls to all services)
Bundoora Extended Care Centre: 9495 3100
Broadmeadows Health Service:  8345 5000

Making a call:  a Phone Away card may be purchased from the Rainbow Convenience Store located in the main foyer of The Northern Hospital.

TNH – Phone cards
BECC - $10 flat fee
BHS – no charge. Reception connects call for patient

The use of mobile phones is permitted in the public areas (lounges, waiting areas, corridors etc) but cannot be used within 2 metres of operating medical equipment (due to possible interference).

Television:  Located above all inpatient beds.  To activate the service, patient entertainment pay stations are located in the main foyer and other areas throughout all Northern Health campuses. 

For further information or to connect via phone: please contact 1300 552 442 or

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