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Referrals should be faxed to Northern Health Ambulatory Care Entry and Triage Service (ACETS) or the Access to Sub-Acute Services (ATSAS) 

ACETS - Outpatient Referrals

Fax:                 9495 3510
Free Call:       1300 128 539 (referral enquiries only)
Email:             ACETS.Helpdesk | at | nh.org.au 
                      or SpecialistClinics | at | nh.org.au

ATSAS - Access to Sub-Acute Bed Based Services

Bundoora Extended Care Centre and Broadmeadows Health Service
Fax: 8405 2805
Phone Access Clinician:
8405 2806 / 8405 2807

The Ambulatory Care Entry and Triage Service (ACETS) is the single point of access for Ambulatory and Community Care services at Northern Health.

GPs are acknowledged via fax on the day of referral processing which is approx 3 working days of receipt. The referral outcomes is processed within two weeks of receipt. Both the GP and the patient are then made aware of this outcome via a letter or fax. Please allow two weeks from the time of sending the referral to the time of enquiring to the referral status in order to allow for ACETS processing time. Please advise your patient of these timelines.

ACETS can be contact by phone 1300128539 / 0394953443 or via email or acets.helpdesk | at | nh.org.au to check the status of a referral.