Latest Research Ethics & Governance News

ERM in Victoria

Friday 29 June 2018 is the last day you can create a new ethics (HREA) or governance (SSA) application via the Online Forms website. You will not be able to start a new HREA (research project ethics application) after 5.00 pm 29 June 2018 until Monday 16 July 2018.

From Monday 16 July, you will need to log onto a new platform, Ethics Review Manager (ERM), to create new ethics and governance applications. It is essential that everyone who needs to complete research ethics and governance applications learns how to do this .

Research Applications

Research applications require two types of approval: ethics and governance.  Ethics approval is permission to conduct the research on research subjects i.e. patients, animals, staff etc. Governance approval is permission to conduct the research at the site it has been approved by i.e. Northern Health.   Northern Health does not have a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and recommends that researchers apply to Austin Health for ethical approval where the research is to be conducted at Northern Health only. For multi-site projects use the National Mutual Acceptance scheme. Click here for all approved HREC’s that are accepted by Northern Health Office of  Research & Ethics. The Northern Health office of Ethics & Research will conduct the governance review. Research conducted at Northern Health must have ethics and research governance approval.

Northern Health Office of Research accept the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services template forms.  Please refer to the Clinical Trials and Research website for all current version of forms.

All high and low risk ethics and governance applications are to be submitted via ERM.  Ethics applications are to be submitted to the reviewing HREC and governance applications or site specific assessments (SSA’s) are to be submitted to Northern Health Office of Research and Ethics.

NOTE: It is our expectation that for both high & low risk projects & quality improvement activities, the Principal Investigator must be a Northern Health  employee or honorary.