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Northern Health Office of Research & Ethics
Level 3 NCHER building
185 Cooper St
Ph: 03 840 52918

All human research projects in Australia must adhere to the guiding principles outlined in the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, relevant National and State legislation and other regulatory organisations. Research projects must be reviewed and approved by:

A researcher must have both an ethical approval and research governance approval prior to commencing a research project at Northern Health.

Northern Health does not have a Human Research Ethics Committee and recommends that researchers apply to Austin Health for ethical approval where the research is to be conducted at Northern Health only. For multi-site projects use the National Mutual Acceptance scheme. Click here for other approved HREC’s

Ms Jingfei Wu
Research Governance Officer
Phone: 03 840 52918 (Mon- Fri.)

Ms Rita Wong
Research Governance Officer
Phone: 03 840 52918 (Tue)

Michelle Goldsworthy
Manager – Clinical Research
Phone: 03 846 807963 (Mon – Fri)

Drew Aras
Associate Director of Research
Phone: 03 840 80762 (Mon – Fri)

Peter Brooks
Medical Lead for Research