My Medical Record at Northern Health

The Medical Record at Northern Health includes information from all campuses (Broadmeadows Health Service, Bundoora Extended Care Centre, Craigieburn Health Service, the Northern Hospital and Panch).
As well as, Northern Health works in partnership with Melbourne Health to offer Mental Health Services onsite. Therefore your Mental Health record is combined with the Northern Health record. If your FOI request relates solely relates to mental health documentation please contact the specific Mental Health team on the second page of this information sheet.

What is Freedom of Information?

The Victorian Freedom of information Act (“The Act”) gives members of the public the right to request information held by Northern Health. The Act provides a right to:
 Access documents relating to one’s personal affairs and the activities of Northern Health: and
 Request that incorrect or misleading information held by Northern Health be amended or reviewed.
The Act outlines the process that Northern Health must follow when responding to request for information.

What information is available?

The Act allows members of the public to seek access to documents created by Northern Health in the conduct of its business. In the great majority of cases, Freedom of Information Requests to Northern Health come from Solicitors acting on behalf of the patient, and also individuals seeking access to documents held within their medical records.

What are the associated costs?

The FOI Act outlines the fees and charges associated with providing of records, these change annually:

Item Fee
Application Fee $28.40
Search Fee $21.30 per hour or part of hour
CD $25
Registered Post $10.00
Paper Charge 20 cents per page
Photograph Charges $5.00 per photograph
Supervision with Inspection of Documents $5.00 per quarter hour

In some instances, the application fee may be waived. Northern Health will waive the Application Fee for those in possession of a Pension or Healthcare Card if they provide a photocopy (front and back) of their Card when making the request. Further processing charges may be applied.
Please make cheques and money orders payable to Northern Health. For all payments relating to a FOI request please contact the Cashier on 8405 8570.

Can someone make a request on behalf of another person?

If the applicant is applying for a medical record other than their own, the patient must provide written authorisation for release of the medical record. If the patient is deceased, the patients’ senior available next of kin must provide written authorisation and provide Northern Health with evidence to demonstrate how they are the next of kin.
If the person to whom the request relates is a minor, signed authority must be obtained from both parents/legal guardians. If parent/legal guardian surname is different, a copy of the birth certificate is required as proof of parentage.
Information Sheet on Freedom of Information

Making a request

A Freedom of Information Request Form can be obtained from the Freedom of Information Clerk at Northern Health. The Form includes a section where one can authorise another to seek access to documents on their behalf.
The Freedom of Information clerk requires that photographic identification or certification be presented to validate the identity of the person making the request,(i.e. Driver’s licence, Passport etc).

Requests forms are to be submitted to: 
The Freedom of Information Clerk C-/ the Northern Hospital 185 Cooper Street Epping VIC 3076

Northern Health works in partnership with Melbourne Health to offer Mental Health Services onsite. If your FOI request relates solely relates to mental health documentation, you may contact the relevant FOI officer below directly;-

 Adult Mental Health consumers from The Northern Hospital, please contact:
HIS Department
Northern Hospital
185 Cooper St, EPPING Vic 3076
Ph: 8405 8078

 Adult Mental health consumers from Broadmeadows Health Service and Coburg/Brunswick, please contact:
Level 1, 130 Bell Street, Coburg 3058
Ph: 9355 9700

 Clients aged 65 or older, from Broadmeadows Health Service or Bundoora Extended Care, please contact:
4C Devonshire Rd
Sunshine 3020
Ph 9288 7150
How long will it take for the request to be processed?
Northern Health has 30 days (from first receiving a valid request) to ‘make a decision’ about granting access. The Freedom of Information Officer will respond in writing within this timeframe to communicate whether access has been granted, and will advise of the applicable access charges (which must be paid before documents can be dispatched).
Who can I contact for further information?
For all Mental Health FOI enquires please refer to the relevant Mental Health (MH) FOI Office:
Adult MH from the Northern Hospital: 8405 8078 Adult MH from Broadmeadows and Coburg: 9355 9700
MH Clients aged 65 or older: 9288 7150
Acute patients: Freedom of Information Clerk at Northern Health: 8405-8258
For general information relating to Freedom of Information contact the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner