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TALS is the Transcultural and Language Services Department at Northern Health.

It was created to help provide the best care for our migrant communities.

TALS’ role is to make Northern Health culturally competent by offering high quality language services comprising:

  • Interpreting services of the highest standard
  • Translation of medical material
  • Targeted cultural training for staff members
  • Research and education.

Click here to read Northern Health's 2017 - 2019 Cultural Responsiveness Plan

How can you benefit from our service?

Northern Health will endeavour to provide the same quality of service for all patients and their families regardless of ethnicity and the ability to speak English. Interpreters are provided free of charge. It is your right to request a professional interpreter.

Please note that Northern Health does not condone the use of family members or staff to act as interpreters unless in an emergency. Children under the age of 18 are not to be used as interpreters. If English is NOT your preferred language, please advise a staff member and request an interpreter. We will organise one for you.

Contact us

For further information please contact the Transcultural and Language Services team via: TALSenquiries | at |

Alternativley, you can call 03 8405 2487

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