Submitting an Audit Application

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Submitting an Audit Application

Definition of an audit: An audit is defined as an activity instigated by a Northern Health principal investigator involving a prospective or retrospective review of information that has been or will be collected for clinical purposes (e.g. a review of a medical records).

Audits are reviewed by the Northern Health Low and Negligible Risk Ethics Committee (NH LNREC).

When submitting low risk ethics applications for audit activities only, an audit form is required.

To download the Northern Health Audit Activity Application Form please click here.


Other documents that may be required when submitting an Audit Application:

Data collection Form
(usually an excel document)
Clinical Patient Folder (CPF) confidentiality / access form; to be used when non Northern Health researchers wishing to access the Clinical Patient Folders (this includes monitors and students)
To download a copy of the Northern Health Clinical Patient Folder Confidentiality Access Form, please click here.

Any further supporting documents that are referenced in the Audit Application Form or relevant when undergoing an ethical review.

Email your application form to lowriskresearch | at | once all investigators and the department head have signed off on your application.