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Bundoora Extended Care Centre

Bundoora Extended Care Centre (BECC) has a proud history of providing aged care and rehabilitation services to the Northern community. BECC provides a comprehensive range of aged care services, including inpatient care, geriatric evaluation and management, residential aged care, rehabilitation, transition care and aged psychiatry as well as a broad range of community-based assessment and treatment services.

The aim of the campus is to ensure the provision of person centred care for people with chronic and complex needs.

Inpatient Services

                          – Percy Cleland Unit – 35 Bed
                          – Ward 1 – 22 Bed
                          – Kath Atkinson Unit – 15 Bed Behavioural GEM Unit

Residential Care Facility 
                          – Ian Brand Nursing Home – 30 High Care Beds

Melbourne Health
                              - 15 Beds Kath Atkinson Wing – Aged care psychiatry
                              – Merv Irvine Residential Aged Care Mental Health facility

Community Therapy Service

                         – Home based & Centre based Allied Health and Nursing
                 Specialist clinics
                           – Falls and balance (FABS)
                          – Medical Outpatients (MOPS)
                          – Pain Assessment and Management (PAMS)
                          – Cognitive and Dementia Memory Clinic (CDAMS)
                          – Wound
                          – Continence
                          – Cardiac Rehab

Community Services

                    • Northern Health Home Care Packages (NHHCP)
                       (EACH, EACHD, CACP and Linkages  Packages)
                    • Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) via My Aged Care Website
                    • GEM @ Home   
                    • Transition Care Program  (TCP) – Bed based  (off site) and home based
                    • Planned Activity Group  (PAG) – BECC
                    • Aged Psychiatry Assessment & Treatment Team (APATT)

We provide person-centred care using the skills of a multidisciplinary team including nurses, doctors, allied health staff, administration and support staff.

Visiting Hours: 
Ward visiting hours are 10am – 8pm
Outpatient clinics:    Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm

(See Google map below)  BECC is located at 1231 Plenty Road, Bundoora, 3083 -  It is easily accessible by public transport either by tram along Plenty Road (tram line 86, stop 64 and 65) or by bus along Plenty Road and Mt Cooper Drive (route 563)

Contact Information
1231 Plenty Rd, Bundoora 3083
Phone - 03 9495 3100 (Reception)
Phone - 03 9495 3109 (Ambulatory Care  Entry & Triage Services - ACETS)
Mel Ref: 19 H1