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GP Information Sheets

GP Information for the following conditions has been produced. The clinical information is evidence-based developed by the Senior Consultants, Clinical Director the Primary Care Liaison Consultant.

Referring to Specialist Outpatient Clinics

Referrals to Northern Health are processed centrally by the Ambulatory Care Entry and Triage Service (ACETS) and the Access to Sub-Acute Services (ATSAS)

ACETS processes referrals to Ambulatory Outpatient Care services.  Please fax referrals to: 

F: 9495 3510

T: Call Room: 9495 3443 / 9495 3109
T: Access Coordinator: 9495 3469
Free Call: 1300 128 539
E: ACETS.Helpdesk | at |

ATSAS provides a streamline entry point for Northern Health sub-acute bed based services provided at Bundoora Extended Care Centre (BECC) and Broadmeadows Health Service (BHS)

F: 8405 2805

T: Clinician: 8405 2806 and 8405 2807

Referral Information Requirements
- Reason for referral
- Working diagnosis
- Medical History – current and relevant past
- Current medications
- Relevant investigations and pathology (within previous 3 months)*
- Current management of the condition and response to this.

*Please note that many clinics require specific tests, assessments or supporting diagnostics to be undertaken prior to the referral. Refer to the Specialist Clinics Service Statements

If the referral fails to meet the minimum referral information requirements, it will be returned to the referring GP and the patient will be notified.

Appointment Notification/Management

At clinical triage the referral is assessed as either urgent or non urgent.

The goal is to offer urgent patients an appointment within 30 working days, however capacity to meet this goal is determined by demand for each specialty.

Waiting times on extended waiting lists vary but generally patients will wait many months for an appointment.

Referrers will be notified when a referral has been added to an extended wait list and patients will be advised to return to their G.P. should their condition change whilst they are waiting for an appointment.

Tools for referring

GP referral form (GPRF) replaces VSRF download here

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